Welcome! – What To Expect

As a first-time visitor in any church, you may feel a little overwhelmed. Our goal at St. Paul is to make you feel comfortable and welcome every time you enter our doors. Our congregation ranges from babies to grandparents and everything in between. All are welcome here! To get your started we’ve described the layout of our church and all we have to offer.

Finding Your Way around St. Paul

Our parking lot is located behind the church with entrances off of Lothrop Rd. The main entrance is located at the rear of church building next to the parking lot. An elevator is available for access to all floors. If you go up the stairs to the first floor, you can access meeting rooms, the church office and the sanctuary. One more flight up the stairs takes you to 5-12th grade classrooms. Down the stairs takes you to the basement where we have additional classrooms, a nursery, a kitchen and large meeting rooms.

church-etchingOn the first floor, the first room your will pass on your right is the Bethany Room. Adult Sunday school classes meet in this room each week with additional meetings held here as well. To your left, you will notice a cloak room to hang your coat. Bathrooms are also located on the left. The pastor’s office is directly across from the Harms Fireside Room. Please join us in the Harms Fireside Room for refreshments after the service. The church office is on the left just past the stair case. Feel free to stop by the office if you have any questions.

The sanctuary is straight ahead. Generally on Sunday mornings you will be welcomed by our greeters and given a bulletin (order of service) by our ushers. Please take a seat where you are comfortable. You will notice a small pad in the pew. Please sign in. It’s our way of getting to know who are visitors are. The bulletin will give you the order of the service with the appropriate page numbers. There are hymnals and Bibles located in each pew.

Worship and Sunday School

We want you to be comfortable at St. Paul. Dress varies from casual to formal.

We serve communion each Sunday. You are more than welcome to join us for the Meal. Please fill out a communion card, located on the back of each pew. You may give the card to the ushers when they indicate your time for communion. At the end of the service, please join us in the Harms Fireside room for coffee and goodies.

There are a variety of educational opportunities offered between the services. All ages are welcome to join us for Sunday School. Generally the younger students meet downstairs in the basement for a short opening before breaking into classes. The opening area is located at the bottom of the stairs off of the parking lot. 6th to 12th graders classes are on the 2nd floor. High school students are in the large youth room. 5th-8th graders meet in the classrooms across from the youth room.

St. Paul provides a bright and cheerful nursery that is staffed on Sundays from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm.