Prayers of the Church

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Prayers of The Church

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Prayers of Intercession 2/18/18

Renewed in the promises of baptism, let us pray for the church, the world, and all who are in need.

A brief silence.

We pray for the church. For all who preach, teach, and inspire your people to lives of service. Renew your church in ministry, mission, and compassion. Unite us in faith, and uphold us in the promises of baptism. Hear us oh God, Your mercy is great

We pray for the world. For the well-being of both our own surroundings and of distant places. For favorable weather and sustaining rains. For creatures awakening from hibernation or beginning seasonal migrations. Provide safe habitats and abundant food for all. Hear us oh God, Your mercy is great

We pray for the nations. For all who govern or hold positions of authority. For those who work to make their communities safe from violence. Protect all who place themselves in danger to save others from harm. Hear us oh God, Your mercy is great

We pray for those in need. For those moving to new communities. For individuals who are incarcerated or recently released from prison. For those who are abused or neglected, for the lonely, and for those who are ill. . We pray for Jim, Sara, Linda, Richard, Dean, Matthew, Bev, Kim, Aaron, Marsha, Matthew, Shirley, Elizabeth, Erich, Barb, Karen, Barni, Betty, Shirley, Linda, Janice, and Hannah. Hear us oh God, Your mercy is great

We pray for this assembly. For musicians, artists, and poets who help us envision your love through word, image, and song. For those who have faced exclusion or felt forgotten. For all who reach out in love and welcome. Hear us oh God, Your mercy is great

For our wilderness journeys and for our wild beast experiences. We pray for the enduring love of Christ to drive us into the world in service to others. We pray for our college students.  We pray for our National youth gathering trip. We pray for World Hunger and the work that the ELCA has done to fight off its effects. Hear us oh God, Your mercy is great

Trusting in your covenant of mercy, O God, we lift our prayers to you, through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Savior.