Prayers of the Church

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Prayers of The Church

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Prayers of Intersession 11/19/17

Welcoming God’s reign of righteousness and mercy, let us pray with people of every time and place. (A brief silence.) We pray for the church. Enliven its witness in ecumenical ministries, feeding programs, and new ventures. Open our hearts to friendships that share faith, and open our mouths to share your good news. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.

We pray for parks and open spaces, for clean air and clear water. Help us protect places where we are reminded of God’s work in creation and find renewal. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.

We pray for those who have been and are still today enslaved, trafficked, or oppressed. Make clear the needs of those who are silenced by suffering, that we may listen and bring an end to exploitation. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.

We pray for those who cry out for healing, hope, or help, and for those for whom we have promised to pray. We pray for Jim, Sara, Roger, Linda, Richard, Dean, Matthew, Kim, Al, Aaron, Marsha, Matthew, Shirley, Elizabeth, Erich, Karen, Betty, Shirley, Linda, Janice and Dan. We also pray for those who we say out loud or in the silence of our hearts. (PAUSE). Bring relief to caregivers and surround those who are lonely with your powerful presence. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.

Lord, our dwelling place in all generations, we remember with thanksgiving all who have died in you especially Sara Firchau. Teach us to count our days as gifts from you. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.

We pray for this congregation and the talents and treasures each person brings. Bring new talents to blossom among us, as we encourage and build up one another. We pray for Operation Christmas Child. May the boxes we collect bring hope and wellness to the receiving communities. We pray for the Always Reformed, Always Reforming process. May our directives provide for the mission and vision you desire for us. We pray for those who pick up where the disaster of Hurricanes and fires have left.  We give thanks for the past 500 years of reformation. May the next 500 continue to reform the church into a better resemblance of your kingdom. Hear us, O God. Your mercy is great.

Receive these prayers and the hopes and concerns of our hearts, O God, as we entrust into your loving care all for whom we pray, through Jesus Christ our Lord.