Confirmation Ministry at St. Paul is a 3 year program, usually completed by students in grades 6, 7, and 8. We meet weekly during the school year on alternate Monday evenings.There will also be some additional activities and retreats from time to time throughout the year.

Goals for the Confirmation Program

  • To equip our students to claim their baptismal promises and to prepare them to become full and active members of the congregation.
  • To provide families with tools to engage in caring conversations about faith at home.
  • To encourage students and families to find meaningful ways to serve others in the congregation and in the community.
  • To build relationships where students can ask questions about faith and discuss how faith impacts daily living.
  • To provide students with a solid foundation in scripture reading and Lutheran theology.

Class materials are covered in a 3-year rotation, with each year covering either Luther’s Small Catechism, the New Testament, or the Old Testament. We currently are using Colaborate and Re: Form ( )

St. Paul Lutheran Confirmation Schedule 2017-2018

When: Mondays from 7:00pm-8:00 (unless otherwise noted)

Where: Bethany Room

Who: 6th-8th grade students and their parents

Why: To understand the basics of our Christian, Lutheran faith, through the narrative of the Old Testament.

What: We will be using Re: Form  ( )

Wednesday, September 6th @7:00pm:                   Small Group Leader Training

September 18th (7-8:15)                                         Family Night: Confirmation Orientation

September 25th                                                       Adam & Eve: The loveable screw ups

October 2nd                                                            Noah: The obedient eccentric 

October 9th                                SUMMER TRIP MEETING AT FIRST ENGLISH/NO Confirmation

October 16th                                                          Abraham and Sarah: The ordinary patriarchs 

October 23rd                                                          Jacob: The conniving survivor 

October 30th  (7-8:15)                                            Family Night: Reformation Celebration  

*Friday November 3rd  from 6:30pm-12/midnight @ St. Paul Lutheran Church.

“Late Night with Luther: Here I Stand, I can do no other, so help me God

November 6th                                                          Joseph: The virtuous dreamer

November 13th                                                       People of the Promise 

November 20th                                                       Moses: The frustrated leader 

November 27th                                                       Rahab: The faithful opportunist 

December 4th                                                         Deborah: The exasperated matriarch 

December 11th                                                       Samson: The raging prima donna 

December 18th   (7-8:15)                                       Family Night: Emanuel, God with us. 

December 25th –January 15th                   No Confirmation (Christmas Break, MLK Holiday)

January 22nd                                                          Ruth: The tenacious outsider 

January 29th                                                            David: The flawed and beloved king  

February  5th                                                            Solomon: the ambitious son 

February 12th                                                           Elijah: the get-r-done prophet

February 19th                                                           No confirmation (Midwinter break)

February 26th     (7-8:15)                                          Family Night: The Psalms

March 5th                                                                  Kings and Judges 

March 12th                                                               Daniel: The invincible Visionary 

*30 Hour Famine: Friday March 16-17 from 6:00pm Friday to 7pm Saturday @ First English Lutheran

March 19th                                                              Jonah: The passive-aggressive coot LU/AT

March 26th                                                              Wisdom Literature JD/LU

April 2nd                                                                  No confirmation (Spring Break/Easter)

April 9th                                                                 The Prophetic Word JD/GA

April 16th (7-8:15)                                   Family Night: 10 Commandments JD (Collaborate resources)

April 23rd                                                              10 Commandments 

April 30th                                                               10 Commandments 

May 7th                                                                 10 Commandments 

May 14th                                                               8th grade Dinner

Sunday, May 20th                                                 Affirmation of Baptism/Pentecost