Companion Synods

The Southeast Michigan Synod ELCA has two active companion synod relationships: the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL), and the Mbulu Synod in Tanzania. St. Paul has been active in both relationships. We have a wonderful opportunity to learn about Christian faith journeys very different from our own, and support them in their mission and growth.

ELCJHL We have a developing relationship with our sister congregation in Amman, Jordan. Pastor Harms chairs the Synod’s Task Force for the ELCJHL, and several members of the Congregation have traveled to the Holy Land and have brought the story back to Southeast Michigan. There is an urgent need for advocacy for a just peace in the Middle East, by voicing the Palestinian perspective and understanding the Jewish perspective, and to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinians, and particularly our Lutheran Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Mbulu Synod, Tanzania The Mbulu Synod is one of two companion synods to the SEMI Synod. Several members and past members have traveled to Tanzania, and many members have supported the Lutheran schools, hospitals and congregations in Tanzania. Members participated in the container project several years ago in which three 20-foot cargo containers of goods were shipped to Tanzania from Southeast Michigan. Our Sunday School and many individuals from our congregation have sponsored students of the Dongobesh school in Tanzania.