Columbarium & Memorial Garden

Our Columbarium

  • Our Columbarium was designed by Harley, Ellington, Pierce & Yee, one of the premier architectural firms of national columbariums and mausoleums.
  • It has “state-of-the-art” construction allowing for internment year round.
  • There are 104 niches (34 in the inner wall and 70 in the outer wall).
  • The Columbarium Is financially supported solely by the proceeds of niche sales.

Our Memorial Garden

  • Ashes may also be buried directly in the earth of the St. Paul memorial Garden.
  • A specific spot may be chosen amongst the birch trees bordering the Columbarium.
  • A plaque may also be added to the memorial marker by the Garden.
  • Ashes interred in the Memorial Garden will not be preserved intact or recoverable.

Why Cremation?

  • The Lutheran church has always considered cremation as an alternative to more traditional internment practices.
  • Cremation is in harmony with the Church’s often-repeated reminder than “dust thou art, and unto dust thou shall return.”
  • Lutherans have long utilized their churches as a place of interment. Martin Luther himself was placed in a tomb in the nave of the Castle Church of Wittenberg.
  • In recent years, cremation has grown rapidly as an alterncolumbarium01ative, representing approximately 20% of interments locally.
  • Cremation has enabled churches to renew their longtime tradition of churchyard cemeteries.
  • The St. Paul Columbarium offers the family and friends of departed loved ones easy access to the interment site, and provides an eternal resting place at their church home.
  • Many Christians desire to have their organs donated. Cremation is ideal in these instances.
  • Cremation is a practical means of memorialization, given the high cost of traditional burials.
  • As land use and preservation issues continue to increase in importance, columbariums and memorial gardens represent a practical solution, requiring less land space than a plot at a cemetery.

Who May Purchase a Niche or be Interred in the Memorial Garden?

  • Niches may be purchased for past and present members of St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church and their immediate family – parents, spouses and children.
  • Members and non-members alike be interred in the Memorial Garden.

The Cost of a Columbarium Niche

  • The cost is designed to support the ongoing maintenance and future expansion of the facility.
  • The selling price of a niche for a single inurnment in the outer wall is $1,200 (a double costs $1,800). There are a limited number of more expensive niches available in the inner wall.
  • The price includes inurnment rights, opening and closing the niche. Plaque engraving and mounting is an extra charge.

The Cost of Interment in the Memorial Garden

  • The cost for members of St. Paul is $350.
  • The immediate family of church members will be accrue a charge of $400.
  • All others may be interred in the Garden for $800.

Please call 313.881.6670 for additional information.