Christian Education

Christian Education is essential to personal and corporate growth and it is our vision for all of God’s people to be active participants in Faith Formation as communicators of faith, especially to children, youth and families. 

For this reason we offer:

  • Sunday Faith Formation activities at 10:45 AM.
  • Confirmation classes for students in grades 6 – 8 at 7:00 PM on Monday evenings.
  • Adult Bible studies on a variety of days.

Sunday Programs

Worship Services

St. Paul welcomes children as an important part of our congregation. We encourage families to attend worship together. “Time with Children,” a message for the young people, is a regular part of our worship services.  During the sermon, parents may opt to have their children leave the sanctuary for “Pray and Play,” a Bible lesson time that incorporates a video, craft, or short story followed by a discussion time. Additionally, there is nursery care available during the entire worship service for children under the age of four.

Faith Formation

Faith Formation has undergone a transition as we are beginning to move out of the classroom.  In an attempt to include the many activities that build relationships and serve others while learning and growing in our faith, we will cycle through the following Sundays each month:

    “God’s Work. Our Hands.” Sunday* – A service-based learning experience that will engage members of all ages in an organized service project will take place either on site or in the com-munity.

Fellowship Sunday* – An opportunity for all ages to come together and build relationships within a programmed activity. This will also be a Sunday that each member is encouraged to invite a guest.

Lutheran Roots** – A Sunday learning session presented to explore Lutheran theology and history through various topics. This will be similar to the Adult Forum structure, and the children will have Sunday School during this time.

Lutheran Lens** – A Sunday learning session that will have guest speakers from partner agencies or speakers that will highlight topics of interest. The children will have Sunday School during this time.

*During “God’s Work. Our Hands.” and Fellowship Sundays all age-groups within the congregation will participate in activities together.

**On Lutheran Roots and Lutheran Lens Sundays,  adults and children will separate to their respective classrooms.  During these weeks students through grade 5 will meet in Sandrock Hall for opening exercise before dividing into their smaller classes.  Middle- and High-school aged students will meet on the second floor in their respective classrooms.

Sunday School Registration and Parent Consent Form




Last year our Education Committee decided to make a change to the curriculum by switching to Whirl, a “new spin on Sunday School which uses Scripture-based lessons with engaging animations that help kids relate the Bible to their lives” (Whirl Classroom Sunday School). Between the Whirl Classroom and Whirl Lectionary options we are able to captivate children at their own level and learning style. The format is such that children are sometimes, for the first time, really grasping what the Bible is saying to them. They are captivated and connected through insightful videos and lessons.

The lectionary portion of Whirl is connected to the week’s Bible readings.  We use this portion for our Pray and Play. It is simple for the volunteers to work with, and quickly captures the children’s attention. This year the youth will also begin their Sunday School lesson by watching a portion of the Lectionary video. The Sunday School Classroom portion is used in our Prek-5th grade groups. It gives the students a look at classic Bible Stories in a way that allows the children to relate to and understand them.

To learn more about this curriculum, you can click on the link provided, or ask one of our children for their feedback!



Many educational opportunities are available for Adults.

New Member Classes

New Disciples Classes are offered for those who want to join the ministry of the congregation; these classes are also helpful to existing disciples of the congregation who want to refresh their knowledge of the faith. In new disciples classes we examine subjects like Lutheran doctrine & practices, the major creeds, and the sacraments.


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