“Always Reformed, Always Reforming”



What’s the Next Step in the ARAR Process?


On October 8th the poster boards were removed, and the ARAR Team is now creating a list of directives which will be posted for your comments.  The final Reformation Directive document.  will be communicated to the congregation on Sunday October 22nd.

On Reformation Sunday, October 29th, the congregation will be asked to pledge their support for the Reformation Directive by signing a pledge page to be attached to the document.


ARAR Overview

Below is an overview of the process for your reference.

Step One: (Present – February)

  • Cottage meetings will be held in congregant’s homes, coffee houses, or at St. Paul to determine our guiding questions for this process of discovery and the areas we would like to further reform.

Step Two: (March – June)

  • Church-wide, interactive meetings will take place to find solutions and actions for our guiding questions.

Step Three:  (June – October)

  • A draft of our reformation directive will be written by the ARAR team, considered by the congregation and ultimately, received on Reformation Day 2017—the Reformation’s 500th anniversary.

Please keep this process in your prayers and as opportunities arise please give your heart, mind, and time to this process.